Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to fulfill any kind of requirements to be approved for the loan?
Yes, you have to fulfill some easy requirements as you must be an adult salaried one, having stable earning at least £1000 along with an bank account possess on your name.

These are secure loans or unsecured loan options?
Basically these loans are works as an unsecured loan but in reality it is an secure loan as it secure the loan amount against your next paycheck.

Can I use Emergency loans to consolidating my debts?
Yes, you can use Emergency loans to consolidating your all kind of debts either personal or commercial.

How long I have to wait to be approved for Emergency loans?
No more waits except filling an application form. This means you may be approved for the loan within few minutes.

Can I acquire any sort of loan option?
Yes, you can! Usually, it depends on your wish and requirement.

I am a bad credit holder can I approved for these loans?
Yes, you can! Your bad credit score won’t be a hindrance in your loan lending process.

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